Nonprofit Forms

Grant Process

Review the Grant Process on our website and/or download the 2015 Grant-Process-Overview

Letter of Intent (LOI)

Must be received by 30 April to be eligible to submit a grant application. Submit Letter of Intent

Grant Application

Download and review a PDF of a sample Grant Application so that you can see the questions that will appear on the on-line application.

Online IMPACT 100 Application Sample

Wish List

Wish list requests are only for nonprofits that apply for grants, regardless of whether they are finalists or winners. We will  send an email to requesting wish list items to all nonprofits that applied for a current year grant. We share this list with our membership and on our website. Please let your fans and friends know about this wishlist. 

Download Nonprofit Wishlists

For Grant Recipients

Download the form to submit a request for payments.

Download the quarterly/final report form.