Get Involved in IMPACT

There are so many ways you can get involved as a member in IMPACT 100.

Tell us how you want to help (Fill out the Volunteer Form).

1.    Attend the Annual Meeting

Once you have made the commitment to join IMPACT 100, the most basic thing you can do to get involved is attend the annual meeting so you can vote for the grant winners. If you cannot attend, then send in an absentee ballot. We will mail a link prior to the meeting to all members. 

2.    Talk about IMPACT and help us recruit members

Educating the public about IMPACT 100 and our mission is a year-round task and our members are our best ambassadors.  Our best membership recruitment tool is the enthusiasm shown by our members.

  • Invite your friends to join you at a Membership Recruitment Event during the Winter (November through February). Give them our event postcard that you received at the annual meeting. Send an email listing dates and locations of upcoming events. Most people are more likely to attend if invited personally by someone they know.
  • Talk to people about IMPACT and the work we do.
  • Request a speaker to address any civic and social organizations that you belong to.
  • Like our Facebook page and then “Share” or “like” our posts on Facebook.

3.    Join a Focus Area Committee

All members are invited to join one of our Focus Area Committees (FACs) which review and evaluate grant applications submitted to Impact Pensacola Bay Area. Every year we create one committee for each of our five focus areas: Arts & Culture; Family; Education; Environment, Recreation & Preservation; Health & Wellness.

Serving on a FAC is one of the most meaningful ways to participate in IMPACT. You will learn about the needs in our community and about our grants process. These committees meet four or five times in July and August, performing in-depth reviews of grant applications, conducting site visits and selecting finalists per focus area to be voted on by the entire membership in October. You can choose a FAC based on the focus area or by the convenience of the time and meeting location.

Read more about Focus Area Committees and Schedule

Sign up for a Focus Area Committee.  Sign-Up will begin at the Membership Announcement Meeting.

4.  Fundraising Assistance 

Help us raise funds for operations and events by securing sponsorships, donations and event hosts. Or if possible, make a donation of $100 or $500 to support an event yourself. 

5.  Reach out to Nonprofits to Apply for Grants

Encourage nonprofit organizations that you support to attend our Nonprofit Workshop in April, to submit a Letter of Intent by the end of April and complete a grant application by the last Friday in June.

6.  Volunteer Your Time

IMPACT hosts a number of events each year, including our Annual Meeting, Grant Workshops, Focus Area Committee Meetings, Membership Events etc. It takes a diverse group of volunteers to make these events happen for us.

  • Welcome Committee: Volunteers may be asked to provide assistance at Sign-In or Beverage Table at the various events.
  • Food for Events: Volunteers may be asked to bring a dish such as an appetizer or dessert to events.
  • Telephone Committee: Volunteers may be asked to assist with making phone calls to members or nonprofits on as as-needed basis.
  • Miscellaneous Committee: If you are one of those willing and able individuals who have extra time and would like to help out however possible, we would appreciate having you on our “catch all” committee when we need an extra hand for something.

7.   Share your Professional Expertise

        From time to time, we call upon our members for their professional advice.

  • Accounting & Finance: Assist with review of financial data on grant applications prior to committee meetings. Assist with accounting or financial questions on occasion if needed.
  • Commercial Construction Expertise: Assist with reviewing of construction requirements in grant proposals prior to committee meetings.
  • Legal Expertise: Assist by providing legal assistance if/when the need arises.
  • Technology: The backbone of every organization these days is technology and the applications that help to run the day-to-day business. IMPACT Pensacola needs help at all skill and experience levels to keep the systems running.
    • Website design and hosting & content updates:  Assist with website design, content updates and implementations when called upon to help.
    • Software systems and data integration:  Assist with the management of our member or grant databases, help with strategic technology evaluations and decisions on new or existing data management systems.
  • Graphic Design Skills: Assist by sharing your expertise with Adobe Creative Suite to create graphics for print and digital advertising, website, advertising specialties, newsletters and other printed materials. InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop components are used for IMPACT 100’s graphic designs.
  • Photography Skills: Assist by taking pictures at the membership and/or nonprofit events that would be shared with both the media and IMPACT 100 Pensacola Bay Area’s publications.
  • Communications: Communication is critical to our organization’s success. We need members who are creative, strategic thinkers, writers or just plain doers. Also, those members who have the ability to help with free publicity are always needed.
    • Public Relations, Writing, Publicity:  Assist with writing of press releases, content for print or email publications, IMPACT newsletter and other communications. Help create marketing materials. Assist with Historian duties.
    • Social Media:  Assist with keeping our blogs, tweets or posts about IMPACT 100 Pensacola Bay Area up to date.

Please complete the Volunteer Form (click here) and tell us how you can share your skills and passions with IMPACT 100. The form has boxes to check for Volunteer and Expertise opportunities. If you would like to become involved with any of the other activities listed (Numbers 4, 5, or 6), please use the comment box provided.  Our volunteer coordinators will get in touch with you regarding your comments and connect you with the appropriate board member to get you started on your way to being more involved with your IMPACT.