Accommodating Veterans Memorial Park Events

Accommodating Veterans Memorial Park Events

Grant Year: 2020 | Focus Area: Environment, Recreation & Preservation | Grant Amount: $106,000 | Grant Status: Completed

Accommodating Veterans Memorial Park Events

Veterans Memorial Park Foundation of Pensacola, Inc.

The Veterans Memorial Park began with a vision of local vets after a visit to the Pensacola area by the Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall more than 27 years ago. The mission of the Veterans Memorial Park Foundation is to collaborate with the City of Pensacola and work as Advocate, Provider, Steward and Protector for the Park. Areas of support include assisting the City in developing and advancing a unifying theme in the development of the park; providing ongoing maintenance, preservation, improvement and development of the Park; educating the community about the Park’s mission and holding the sacrifice of those memorialized there as worthy of their gratitude, respect and emulation; and promoting the incorporation of the Park into the fabric and culture of the community. The Park exists to honor the sacrifice of all those killed in service of their country and to promote its mission to all the residents of Escambia and Santa Rosa counties, as well as to the many visitors to our area. Memorials include those to the Vietnam War, World War I, World War II, Marine Aviation Bell Tower Memorial, Purple Heart, Submarine Memorial, Korean War, Revolutionary War, and The Global War on Terror.

Project Description

The goal of this project is to enhance the ability to perform the mission of the Park to educate the community, particularly the youth, about the sacrifices made by those memorialized at the Park as befitting their place in the hierarchy of our heritage and history. Responding to feedback from educators, the Veterans Memorial Park Foundation plans to provide restroom accommodations that will enhance the Park’s utility as a field trip destination for students and other groups, as well as for other educational and memorial events desired by community and military groups who visit. Currently there are no restrooms in the nearby vicinity, and it has consistently been identified by Park visitors as its greatest infrastructure need. IMPACT 100 grant funds will be used for the purchase and installation of a mobile air-conditioned restroom trailer for the Park that can be moved as needed for other events or in case of impending natural disaster. The plan involves the attachment of this facility to existing utilities, making it a semi-permanent installation, wrapped, to blend into the existing environment and requiring minimum maintenance and sustainment.

Community Impact

The Veterans Memorial Park serves all citizens of the Pensacola Bay Area as well as thousands of visitors to the area. Various local and national Veterans groups use the park for activities, and local civic and youth organizations utilize this venue for other charitable and commemorative and educational events. The Foundation expects a sharp increase in visits by schools, Scouts, and other community organizations to use the Park for field trips and educational events consistent with the Foundation’s mission. The ability to transmit community values to school age youth and to emerging leaders will be enhanced. These facility enhancements will greatly improve the ability to use the Park for these purposes. Pensacola is a popular location for veterans group reunions and active duty groups, and the Park is used by many of these groups for memorial services to those that have been lost. These facility enhancements will improve the ability to conduct these and other events at the Park, and veterans will notice and appreciate the community’s attention and commitment to its “jewel on the bay.”