Building a Recovery Hub for addiction

Building a Recovery Hub for addiction

Grant Year: 2010 | Focus Area: Family | Grant Amount: $114,000 | Grant Status: Completed

Build-out of a modular building for use as a recovery hub for addiction

Pathways for Change

Pathways for Change which started in 2003 grew from the desire of people who dared to offer new ways of life to others caught up in drugs and crimes. Pathways for Change assess each individual who comes to PFC for help and we offer assistance in whatever areas are needed. If we build lives, one at a time, and do it well, we will save a neighborhood and then a community. We depend greatly on our partners and volunteers; that bond allows those individuals to accomplish their own missions.

Project Description

Partially funded construction of The Family Center, which serves as a community hub offering social services and vocational training at a convenient centralized location in a low-income neighborhood.

Community Impact

This project provided a beacon of hope for families in need.