Field of Dreams: Finishing the Work

Field of Dreams: Finishing the Work

Grant Year: 2014 | Focus Area: Environment, Recreation & Preservation | Grant Amount: $102,500 | Grant Status: Completed

Field of Dreams: Finishing the Work

Miracle League of Northeast Pensacola, Inc.

The Miracle League of Pensacola (MLP) is an all-volunteer organization which provides physically and mentally challenged individuals a safe and spirited program in which they can hit, run, and catch on a baseball field – just like other players.

Project Description

Construct a third and final field at the Mitchell Holmes Miracle League Park in the John R. Jones Athletic Complex in Pensacola. The field will include: a T-Ball sized field, surrounding chain-link fence, 10-ft. high chain-link fence between the dugout and home plate area, bleachers, screen covers over 3 bleacher sections, concrete sidewalks, painting of the field with non-slip amalgam, and painting lines, plates, and batter’s boxes white.

Community Impact

A third ball field will improve the experience for current ball players and allow the expansion of the number of players to 335. These programs help the disabled players as well as their families. Being out and about in a supporting community, many parents find that their own outlook improves, and their appreciation for their loved one increases. These are all physical, emotional, and mental health factors that benefit the whole community through reduced health care costs. The project will also improve MLP overall, by attracting sponsors and donors and in the long run endowing all player and equipment costs to make the program self-sufficient and free to all families.