Go Reach

Go Reach

Grant Year: 2016 | Focus Area: Health & Wellness | Grant Amount: $108,200 | Grant Status: Completed

Go Reach

PACE Center for Girls, Inc.

The PACE Center for Girls (PACE) provides girls and young women an opportunity for a better future through education, counseling, training and advocacy. PACE has 19 Centers throughout Florida that serve over 2,000 girls each year, and has assisted over 23,000 since its beginning. PACE began as a community response to the realization that girls involved with the justice system were either being placed in boys’ programs or placed further into the system for their own protection. There were no effective alternatives. Started by Vicki Burke and guided by the research-based recommendations which called for gender responsive programming, PACE created a new alternative to institutionalization or incarceration. PACE is now recognized, as a national model for reducing recidivism and improving school success, employment and self-sufficiency amongst girls, by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, Children's Defense Fund, National Mental Health Association, National Council on Crime and Delinquency, and the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. The local center was established in 1994.


Project Description

PACE Center for Girls Escambia/Santa Rosa is the third center selected to receive additional Department of Juvenile Justice funds necessary to develop and execute the Reach Program. However, PACE does not have the funds to purchase vans needed to transport the participants to various locations in which they are served. IMPACT funds will be used to purchase four new vans to transport girls enrolled in Reach Escambia/Santa Rosa. Reach Escambia/Santa Rosa will provide counseling and support services to a minimum of 80 girls per year and will target girls ages 11-17 who are experiencing personal, family or school issues. The services of the program include: counseling, goal planning, behavior modification, case management, vocational empowerment and enrichment lab. These services are free and unlimited and will be provided in the girl’s school, home, community, or at the PACE Center. Lack of transportation is a huge barrier for young people being able to participate in activities and services that are beneficial to them, especially those with limited family incomes. Having four vans to transport girls enrolled in the Reach Program will allow them to participate in all components of the program both in and outside of the center.

Community Impact

After hearing a young woman’s story, many times it is easy to identify times in their lives when an earlier intervention could have created different outcomes and allowed for less problems, pain, confusion and failure. These young women need counseling, guidance and support to be able to heal, grow and create better futures. The Reach program will help more girls in our community have their needs met by providing these services and meeting them where they are. Providing these services will require the ability to transport girls to and from the Center as well as to appointments, job interviews and other locations necessary to meet their needs. Girls who need an immediate intervention to prevent further involvement in the juvenile justice system, academic failure, and unhealthy or inappropriate choices will be reached. By providing them counseling and support services, PACE will help girls in the Reach Program improve their emotional well-being, strengthen their relationships, build healthy coping skills, increase academic success, and increase positive interactions. PACE girls of today are future women, mothers, employees, and community members. The girls in this program will receive individualized services designed to help them achieve personal, academic and career success. Educated, healthy and employable women are an asset to our community.