Pensacola High School Innovation Center Revitalization

Pensacola High School Innovation Center Revitalization

Grant Year: 2021 | Focus Area: Education | Grant Amount: $101,820 | Grant Status: In Progress

Pensacola High School Innovation Center Revitalization

Escambia County Public Schools Foundation for Excellence, Inc.

Established in 1986, Escambia County Public Schools Foundation for Excellence is recognized as the district-wide education foundation for public schools in Escambia County. The Foundation works collaboratively with school leaders to determine how and where private-sector investment and volunteer involvement can significantly impact student success. The mission of the Escambia County Public Schools Foundation is to enhance education by investing in children's futures to ensure they graduate on time and are college or career-ready. The mission of Pensacola High School (PHS) is to inspire and prepare all students for post-secondary and career readiness to meet the demands of an ever-changing world. Currently, 74% of PHS students come from economically disadvantaged households. Students throughout Northwest Florida also attend PHS through magnet programs, such as the International Baccalaureate Program and English Language Learner Program, as well as career academies, such as the Academy for Health Professions and the Advanced Manufacturing Academy.

Project Description

The Pensacola High School Innovation Center Revitalization Project seeks to improve overall student success by increasing engagement and learning opportunities. It is believed that if a school creates an environment where students naturally want to be, teachers will be better able to connect them to the resources, information, programming, technology and tools that will help them succeed. IMPACT 100 funds will be used to purchase flexible furniture and new technology for the Innovation Center. Flexible furniture, including tables and chairs with wheels that fold and can be arranged in numerous configurations, desks and tables for computers, and soft seating increases space efficiency and allows for customized learning spaces. Numerous groups within the school use the Innovation Center, and flexible furniture would empower each group to efficiently utilize the area according to their needs. Various seating options will be available, including comfortable reading chairs, collaboration tables, and lounge furniture. A technology hive consisting of 10 desktop computers and 10 iPads where students can work on projects or game online together will be funded as well.

Community Impact

Revitalizing the Innovation Center will help close the opportunity gap that exists for many students. Escambia County Public Schools Foundation for Excellence believes it is imperative to provide a resource hub that connects students to the materials, services, and programs that will help them succeed during high school and graduate as well-adjusted and productive citizens able to contribute at home and within the community. The goal of this project is to make the Innovation Center the heart of the learning community at Pensacola High School. The Innovation Center is being revitalized to create a one-stop destination that connects learners to resources, services and programs, to include access to a high-interest library collection that promotes literacy, independent inquiry and critical thinking, information literacy and research methods workshops assisting students to become critical consumers, users and creators of information; access to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) tools that empower student creativity and collaboration; expansion of 8th period and National Honor Society tutoring after school; and a venue for student project presentations, guest speakers, and community involvement programs.