Pump Up the Volume: Building Confidence with Reliable Sound Equipment

Pump Up the Volume: Building Confidence with Reliable Sound Equipment

Grant Year: 2021 | Focus Area: Arts, Culture & History | Grant Amount: $101,820 | Grant Status: In Progress

Pump Up the Volume: Building Confidence with Reliable Sound Equipment

Pensacola Children's Chorus, Inc.

The Pensacola Children's Chorus began in 1990 when Susan and Allen Pote were appointed as leaders of the children's chorus of the Pensacola Symphony Orchestra. Interest to participate grew quickly, and over the past 30 years, what was once just one choir has expanded to ten choirs. Presently, Pensacola Children’s Chorus typically serves nearly 300 singers annually in grades 1-12. In recent years, the Pensacola Children’s Chorus has produced many notable alumni and performed for sitting presidents and in illustrious concert halls across the United States and around the world. For over 30 years, the Pensacola Children's Chorus (PCC) has used the performing arts to equip young people with the tools and skills they need to realize their potential and achieve success at every stage in life. PCC’s portfolio has expanded to include regular summer camps, student leadership programs, community outreach and educational partnerships. PCC strives to fulfill its mission to foster the personal and social growth of its members and engage the community through inspirational musical experiences.

Project Description

For a singer, a reliable sound system builds confidence and pride, while an unreliable one produces feelings of discouragement, vulnerability, and even shame. With nearly 300 singers and over 30 performances each year, a dependable sound system is required to help children grow into audacious performers and mature into assured young adults. Proper sound equipment plays an equally vital role in enhancing the audience experience, thereby encouraging Northwest Floridians to take pride in the community's young talent. IMPACT 100 funds will be used to replace outdated sound equipment that is used to amplify the voice of every child at each performance of the Pensacola Children's Chorus. The overall goal of this project is to eradicate frequent sound issues that prevent a child from gaining confidence and self-esteem during performances. This grant will replace PCC's aging microphones with the latest industry model and will provide technological tools to help sound technicians more efficiently address and/or eliminate the inevitable issues related to microphone interference.

Community Impact

The absence of sound-related issues empowers an audience member to focus solely on what is happening on stage. With PCC in mind, this allows parents, grandparents, friends, and community members alike to concentrate on the young talent materializing before their eyes and take pride in the depth of artistic talent that exists in the Pensacola Bay area. Patrons buy tickets for an experience which transports their minds from the issues of the day to the metaphysical world of art. The experience is expected to be enjoyable and of high quality. At the same time, on-stage performers hope to gain something from these performances. Performers, young and old, feel proud of and validated by public presentation of their craft. PCC's local and regional audience will also greatly benefit from this project. Of the 26,000 individuals who attend performances each year, 98% reside in Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties. The population who will most directly benefit from this project are the members of the Pensacola Children's Chorus. Averaging 275 singers each season, 95% reside in Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties.