Rally Resource Room Powered by IMPACT 100

Rally Resource Room Powered by IMPACT 100

Grant Year: 2021 | Focus Area: Family | Grant Amount: $101,820 | Grant Status: In Progress

Rally Resource Room Powered by IMPACT 100

Rally Foundation, Inc. dba Rally Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research

Rally Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research empowers volunteers across the country to raise awareness and funds for childhood cancer research to find better treatments with fewer long-term side effects and, ultimately, cures. Through donors, community partners, and special events, Rally Pensacola (RP) works to raise awareness, support families with kids fighting cancer, and raise funds for childhood cancer research. This allows for additional resources to stay local, providing families with the ability to receive assisted funding through the Rally Pensacola Family Emergency Fund. RP also organizes memorable and joyous opportunities for children with cancer and their families through special events and activities. The Studer Family Children's Hospital at Ascension Sacred Heart is a member of the Children's Oncology Group. This gives local children the opportunity to enroll in National Cancer Institute backed clinical trials of new treatments for pediatric cancers without leaving their home hospital. This keeps families together during the most devastating experience of their lives, particularly important as treatment for childhood cancer often requires inpatient hospital stays for weeks or months at a time.

Project Description

In the spring of 2021, Rally Pensacola was given an in-kind donation of permanent office space at the Studer Family Children's Hospital at Ascension Sacred Heart. This has provided a unique opportunity for RP to create a space specifically designed for families of immunocompromised childhood cancer patients, offering an additional avenue to provide social and emotional support to children and their families while they undergo cancer treatment. IMPACT 100 grant funds will equip a Rally Resource Room that provides parents with access to a business center for work and personal use, while the patient has access to an age-appropriate activity area, within the same space. This allows the family to stay together, avoiding the separation anxiety that sometimes occurs when parents must leave to tend to business matters. 3 Apple computers, 2 Dell PCs, printers, Microsoft software and comfortable seating to handle business and work remotely will be available for parents, while Rally patients and their siblings can "get away" from what feels like a hospital and into a relaxing setting that includes access to 6 iPads and a movie room with two Smart TVs and gaming equipment. A corner equipped with toddler/school age activities will be available as well as an activity corner geared toward teens.

Community Impact

The Rally Resource Room powered by IMPACT 100 will be tailored to the social and emotional needs of the pediatric oncology patient, their siblings, and their parents, with a focus on relaxation, togetherness, resources and accomplishment. The expected impact of making a fully functioning office available will alleviate some of the families' non-medical concerns, like financial and emotional stress. The financial stability that comes with keeping a job will provide hope to the entire family. Every child and family diagnosed with cancer in our community who are currently in active cancer treatment, as well as future children diagnosed with cancer and treated at the Studer Family Children's Hospital can take advantage of this room. There are hundreds of children at any given time battling cancer in Northwest Florida. We anticipate patients and their families will use the room and the resources many times throughout the course of treatment. This grant will allow Rally to expand their offerings to children and families who are undergoing the heartbreaking journey of childhood cancer.