Great Saenger Pipe Organ Restoration Project

Great Saenger Pipe Organ Restoration Project

Grant Year: 2012 | Focus Area: Arts & Culture | Grant Amount: $104,000 | Grant Status: Completed

Great Saenger Pipe Organ Restoration

Friends of the Saenger

Friends of the Saenger is the fund raising arm of the Saenger Management Board. The Saenger Theatre had been on the brink of being razed when a citizens’ effort to save her and the Morton Theatre Organ housed within her walls kept her from the wrecking ball. A massive renovation had to be undertaken, and the Friends of the Saenger, Inc. was established to raise the money. The theatre today is listed in the National Register of Historic Sites.

Project Description

Restore and enhance the Great Saenger Pipe Organ to a condition that will place it among the finest theater organs in the country, comparable to the famous pipe organ at Radio City Music Hall. The Saenger organ has played a leading role in countless performances since the opening of Pensacola's Grand Dame in 1925.

Community Impact

Restoration of the pipe organ preserves Pensacola's history and continues to bring breathtaking music to life for the enjoyment of our community.