Restoration of the Pensacola Lighthouse

Restoration of the Pensacola Lighthouse

Grant Year: 2012 | Focus Area: Environment, Recreation & Preservation | Grant Amount: $104,000 | Grant Status: Completed

Restoration of the Pensacola Lighthouse

Pensacola Lighthouse Association

Built in 1859, the lighthouse is located on board NAS Pensacola. The Pensacola Lighthouse Association is charged with raising funds and overseeing maintenance of the lighthouse. The Lighthouse is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Project Description

Funded structural restoration of the lighthouse tower first lit in 1859. Specialists were engaged to stabilize the surface, replace damaged bricks, remove deteriorated mortar, and reseal the granite foundation for the enduring pleasure of present and future generations.

Community Impact

Preserving Pensacola's priceless heritage.