Restoring Veterans Memorials Lighting

Restoring Veterans Memorials Lighting

Grant Year: 2018 | Focus Area: Environment, Recreation & Preservation | Grant Amount: $100,300 | Grant Status: In Progress

Restoring Veterans Memorials Lighting

Veterans Memorial Park Foundation of Pensacola, Inc.

The mission of the Veterans Memorial Park Foundation (the Foundation) is to collaborate with the City of Pensacola and work as Advocate, Provider, Steward and Protector for the Park. The Park exists to honor the sacrifice of all those killed in service of their country to all the residents of Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties, as well as visitors to our area. Areas of support provided by the Foundation include but are not limited to assisting the City in developing and advancing a unifying theme, providing for the ongoing maintenance, preservation, and improvement of the Park, educating the community about the Park and its mission and holding the sacrifice of those memorialized there as worthy of their gratitude, respect and emulation. Additionally, the Foundation promotes the incorporation of the Park into the fabric and culture of our community as befitting its rightful place in the hierarchy of our heritage and history and employs all means to obtain funding for the present and future needs of the Park. Current programs include Heroes Among Us Speaker Series Program, Memorial Day Services Program, Veterans Day Activities Program and a host of other activities related to memorials, reunions and ceremonies.

Project Description

Veterans Memorial Park Foundation in seeking IMPACT 100 funding for lighting to enhance the memorials for viewing by park visitors in the morning and evening during scheduled events and routine individual visits. This enhancement will improve safety as well as reduce the maintenance and sustainment costs of the Park, where unreliable and outdated lighting systems have become a significant expense. Many visits and events at the Park are conducted in the evening, after school, following work, after dinner for tourists, and in the early morning for many local residents. The proper lighting of the Park entrance, walkways and its memorials is therefore a significant factor that enables visitors to enjoy the Park’s full potential. This project involves the purchase and professional installation of state-of-the-art lighting fixtures that will replace those that are deteriorated and damaged, beyond repair in some cases, by past storms and flooding events.

Community Impact

This project will enhance the ability of the Park to support the community as intended by providing a more capable and reliable facility for public events and individual visits. It will make the Park both safer and more accessible for all visitors. A more pproachable Park will attract and increase numbers to events, thereby facilitating accomplishment of the Foundation’s mission. By providing reliable and efficient lighting at the Park, memorials will be enhanced, visitors will be able to find the names of loved ones, and Park maintenance expenses will decrease, enabling investment in other enhancement projects. The ability to reliably and safely host additional events will promote education of the community about the sacrifices of the fallen, as well as ease maintenance costs by making volunteer events more effective. The Park expects an increase in visits by the community and tourists, as well as community organizations hosting evening and morning events (sunrise and sunset services, and other educational events consistent with the mission). Pensacola is a popular location for veterans’ group reunions, and the Park is used by many of these groups for memorial services to those that have been lost. These facility enhancements will improve the ability to conduct these and other events at the Park, and the veterans will notice and appreciate the community’s attention and commitment to its “jewel on the bay.” The impact will be both immediate and far reaching to the target population and to the community as a whole.