The Arc Gateway SHRED WORKS

The Arc Gateway SHRED WORKS

Grant Year: 2021 | Focus Area: Environment, Recreation & Preservation | Grant Amount: $101,820 | Grant Status: In Progress

The Arc Gateway SHRED WORKS

The Arc Gateway, Inc.

The Arc Gateway has been opening doors for people with developmental disabilities since 1954, but the parents who made Arc what it is today actually began their work back in 1947. A small, dedicated group of local parents wanted their children to have every opportunity to learn and grow, so they opened a one-room schoolhouse. Programs for children continued to expand as experts realized that early intervention was critical to development in children with or at risk of developmental delays. In 1974, the Infant Stimulation Program began; and in 1977, the Pearl Nelson Center became the Pearl Nelson Preschool, serving children ages two to five. Aging parents began to see a need for residential support programs. As a result, The Arc Gateway's first group home, the Women's Residential Training Center, opened in 1978. The Arc Gateway has continued to expand and provide opportunities for greater independence. From enclaves at Armstrong World Industries, to supported employment and supported living programs, The Arc Gateway provides life enhancing services for more than 1,200 children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Project Description

“SHRED WORKS” is an expansion and enhancement of Arc Gateway’s highly successful Secure Document Shredding Program located at the Pollak Training Center (PTC). Founded in 2008, the current program is very successful with an average annual revenue of $75,000. The shredding program currently employs 50 adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Client workers are paid based on their role within the shredding program: (1) sorters are paid based upon individual productivity, the volume/weight of items sorted for shred; and (2) shredders are paid by the hour to operate the shredding equipment to destroy documents. Clients’ disabilities and capabilities vary but most rely on Medicaid funding as well as their employment at PTC for financial support. However, shredding capabilities are limited due to current structure, and Arc Gateway is unable to meet requests for mobile shredding which is required by some industries such as medical/healthcare who must shred on their premises. IMPACT 100 funds will be used to retrofit a commercial box truck that Arc Gateway purchased last year with equipment to allow for mobile shredding at various community locations. It will also allow for upgrades to the current on-site facility and equipment to increase production.

Community Impact

HIPAA requires that medical records be destroyed so the personal health information is unreadable, indecipherable, and may not be reconstructed. SHRED WORKS is the environmentally friendly solution offering clean, efficient shredding on site with all waste being recycled, which means no chemical or burn pollution is created. Both the facility-based and mobile shred units are National Association for Information Destruction Certified. This project will allow Arc Gateway to serve a broader market, thereby increasing revenue and creating more work and employment opportunities for people with disabilities in the community. This expansion will ultimately improve the recycling efforts in the area and improve the environment with safe, clean and secure document destruction services. SHRED WORKS business customers can shred worry-free as Arc will be compliant with all destruction rules and regulations, thereby creating peace of mind for the customers. SHRED WORKS employees gain self-esteem and sense of purpose from their work. SHRED WORKS will give Arc Gateway clients more visibility and ultimately more work to do.