The IMPACT 100 Autism Learning Center: “Use Your WORDS”

The IMPACT 100 Autism Learning Center: “Use Your WORDS”

Grant Year: 2014 | Focus Area: Education | Grant Amount: $102,500 | Grant Status: Completed

The IMPACT 100 Autism Learning Center: “Use Your WORDS”

East Hill Academy, Inc.

East Hill Academy provides educational services to children in grades 1 through 12 who have learning disorders that preclude them from attending other schools.

Project Description

Expand facilities to add the Autism Learning Center - a 900 sq. ft. specialized, two-classroom for 16 non-conversational autistic students. Non-conversational classrooms are designed to increase the autistic student’s desire and ability to communicate verbally with others in his or her environment while also teaching core curriculum. Every aspect of the classroom environment will be geared towards reducing the severe anxiety and sensory response issues that most ASD children experience every day.

Community Impact

EHA was founded in order to meet the needs of autistic children who are not yet equipped to succeed in a traditional school environment. Currently EHA is unable to enroll and provide services for non-conversational students and many have no other education options in our community. Without the special interventions offered at EHA, these children will continue to struggle in their process to learn. Approximately 95% of EHA students are able to re-enter public school on grade level within an average three years. For each additional student enrolled at EHA, there is an increased likelihood that one or more special needs children will successfully return to public school and complete his or her education.