The MESS Hall Express

The MESS Hall Express

Grant Year: 2014 | Focus Area: Education | Grant Amount: $102,500 | Grant Status: Completed

The MESS Hall Express

The Pensacola MESS Hall, Inc.

Math Engineering, Science and Stuff - the MESS Hall is a hands-on science place for children to learn about math and science. Visitors get to work like real scientists, developing questions and creating experiments, engaging in complex reasoning and learning science through tinkering.

Project Description

The MESS Hall Express will bring hands-on discovery opportunities of the MESS Hall to schools and community events. A customized vehicle will contain all of the materials necessary for in-school field trips, family science nights, booths at festivals, library programs and other activities that will enhance science learning. The project will fund the purchase of a customized vehicle; tables, chairs and tent for booths at festivals; table top and free-standing exhibits for in-school field trips; specialized equipment including microscopes and Lego Mindstorm systems; curriculum and activity development; and consumable activity supplies.

Community Impact

Providing students an opportunity to engage in hands-on, inquiry based science learning has been shown to have both short and long term impacts. The activities will reinforce science concepts covered in school, improving students’ performance in class and on exams. An exciting experience with science can also inspire a student to continue studying science in the future and possibly pursue a scientific career. Even those students who do not stay in the sciences benefit from the critical thinking skills underlying the scientific inquiry activities. A scientifically literate population enhances the ability of a community to respond to scientific issues in current events.