The Phoenix Project – Tiny Home Communities

The Phoenix Project – Tiny Home Communities

Grant Year: 2020 | Focus Area: Family | Grant Amount: $106,000 | Grant Status: In Progress

The Phoenix Project - Tiny Home Communities

AMR at Pensacola, Inc.

AMR at Pensacola, INC. (AMR) is a state-certified Community Housing Development Organization. The mission of AMR is to assist in the creation and maintenance of a sound industrial base for Escambia County, the revitalization of economic health to established commercial areas, and the preservation and rehabilitation of
existing residential neighborhoods As one of Escambia County’s largest nonprofit affordable housing organizations, AMR has been involved in the development, preservation, and management of affordable housing throughout the Escambia County since 1989. AMR uses an innovative scattered site model inspired by concerns over poverty concentration and quality of life for decades. Scattered site housing is the construction or acquisition of low-density buildings (fewer than 15 units per site) in poverty concentrated neighborhoods throughout a city or metropolitan area. These scattered site properties provide residents with unique housing offerings that recognize the dignity and worth of each individual and family. AMR works to provide, conserve, and expand the supply of adequate housing for low to moderate income residents of Escambia County.

Project Description

AMR is currently expanding operations through “The Phoenix Project”, which includes the development and management of tiny home communities throughout Escambia County. The Phoenix Project is a sustainable housing solution for individuals and families in Escambia County who are financially, socially, and/or institutionally disadvantaged. The program assists those who do not traditionally meet the requirements for affordable housing options in Escambia County by creating safe, comfortable solutions at a lower price point. The idea is to develop a community that includes strategic designs with a shared community center and on-site healthcare, social, and workforce development services. AMR plans to pioneer the mission of increasing access to affordable housing with an environment that is sustainable, innovative, and eco-friendly. Upon completion, The Phoenix Project will include a total of 168 tiny homes throughout Escambia County. The pilot community will include a total of 12 homes and the community center to be shared amongst other AMR residents within the Myrtle Grove area. AMR is requesting IMPACT 100 grant funding support for the construction and labor costs of the community center (the “Center”) at The Phoenix Project at Lillian Highway.

Community Impact

The health and welfare of Escambia County and the strength of the economy hinges on an adequate supply of affordable housing and access to support for working families, elders, veterans, people with disabilities and those living on a fixed income. The impact of the Phoenix Project will be the addition of a safe, affordable housing community for low-income families within Escambia County, allowing them to improve their quality of life. Shared spaces and communal resources within the Center will decrease costs and increase access to amenities for residents. The resources within the Center will foster an inclusive and engaged community and facilitate an accessible system of support. Engagement within a community with a common social goal can foster improved interpersonal relationships and help promote peer support and empathy among these families, which benefits the greater community. The Center will be available for other AMR residents to utilize for appointment-based wraparound services and social gatherings. The Center is expected to impact approximately 50 families per year and will serve as the blueprint for future communities.