2008 IMPACT Grant Winners Deliver on Their Promises

2 0 0 8 was a landmark year for IMPACT lOO. In the midst of an economic downturn, 563 women from the Pensacola area each contributed $1,000 toward grants to nonprofit organizations in Santa Rosa and Escambia Counties. Every membership dollar goes to grants in each of IMPACT100’s focus areas: Arts and Culture; Environment, Recreation and Preservation; Family; and Health and Wellness. Last year was the first year that IMPACT 100 could provide $112,600 in funding to all of the five areas. With over 50 grant applications submitted, the competition can be fierce. Winning means a chance to move the organization to a new level. But, there are no real losers among the applicants: all have had an opportunity to increase exposure to a larger and active part of the community. IMPACT100 women frequently continue to help the non~profits whose stories were irresistible. Every organization is encouraged to try again. The 2008 grantees are delivering on their promises.

Read the full article published in 2010 in Pensacola Magazine to learn how the five nonprofits who were awarded $112,600 in 2008 have benefited from their projects funded by IMPACT.

Pensacola Magazine – 01012010 – 2008 IMPACT Grant Winners Deliver on Their Promises