Deep Impact: The Winners of IMPACT 100’s 2010 Grants (Pensacola Magazine)

In 2003, a group of four women set out to change their city, armed with ideas and the will to see them come to life. The basic premise of recruiting I 00 women,

each donating $I,000 to collectively give to local non-profit organizations, expanded to 233 women in 2004 and IMPACT I 00″ began. Today, IMPACT is

made of 570 women, not one of them a paid staff member and all of them with dayjobs, who contribute and vote on grant winners in five focus areas: Arts and

Culture; Education; Environment, Recreation, and Preservation; Family; and Health and Wellness.

Pensacola Magazine – 12012010 – Deep Impact-The Winners of IMPACT 100s 2010 Grants