Focus Area Committees

Committee Meeting Information

IMPACT 100 Committee Meetings are a great way to get involved in the mission of IMPACT 100.

A completed Focus Area Committee Member Form and Conflict of Interest Form are required of each committee member prior to attending the first meeting. Links for each form are below.

What Happens at Committee Meetings

Impact Slider - Committee MeetingFocus Area Committees meet in July and August each year. IMPACT 100 members may volunteer on any of the five committees to review the grants and select the finalists for that focus area. Members choose a committee based on many factors. For some women the meeting time, location and dates are important and for others they choose a focus area that fits their particular passion or expertise. 

At least three members from a committee will conduct a site visit to every nonprofit that submits a grant application. The site visit teams will then present their findings at the next committee meeting. All committee members are expected to read the grant application for their focus area. Based on the grant application and the site visits, the committee will choose the finalists for their focus area. Those finalists will present their proposals to our members at the annual meeting. At the annual meeting, each member may cast their vote for the number of grants to be awarded. We will award one grant for every 100 members in our annual membership total.

Conflict of Interests – All committee members are required to fill out a conflict of interest form. If a member serves on the Board or is an employee of a nonprofit whose grant is being reviewed by a Focus Area Committee, or was personally involved in preparation of the nonprofit’s submitted grant application, you will be asked to serve on a different committee. IMPACT 100 maintains an excellent reputation in the community for the integrity of our process in selecting nonprofits to receive grants. Your IMPACT 100 Board of Directors feels this policy is necessary in order to maintain the utmost level of fairness to the nonprofits and to avoid any impropriety or appearance of such.


Committee Member Training:  All committee volunteers are encouraged to attend a training session. The training session is not mandatory to attend in order to participate in a committee as we will review the committee process at the first committee meeting. This training is open to any IMPACT member who wants to learn more about the committee process. Date, time and location of training is posted on the Events Calendar.

Focus Area Committee Members – FAQ