Nonprofit Wish Lists

Nonprofits have many needs beyond the IMPACT 100 grant.  View their wish lists to see how your contributions can help.

2023-2024 Nonprofit Wish list

Every year we give all the nonprofits that completed the grant application process the opportunity to submit a wish list of items that could help their organization.  Requests range from volunteering to both small and large items so please consider donating time or items on their wish list. 

Nonprofit Wish Lists

Download the searchable, bookmarked file by clicking here.  

American Heart Association, Inc.

Organization Name: American Heart Association, Inc.

Contact Name: Inger Berg

Office Phone Number: 267.994.8696 

        1. Volunteers to pack Produce Rx boxes on the first and third Tuesdays of each month. Volunteer groups of 6 to 8 can expect to spend about an hour boxing produce for our food insecure and chronically ill clients.

        2. 50 Immersion Blenders for our Produce Rx clients at the Health and Hope Clinic.

        3. Volunteer Speakers: have you been personally impacted by heart disease and/or stroke? We are always looking for survivors who are willing to share their personal story with others to help raise awareness about the prevalence of cardiovascular diseases and the associated risk factors.


Baptist Health Care Foundation

Organization Name: Baptist Health Care Foundation

Contact Name: Maegan Leonard

Office Phone Number: 850.469.7906

Address: PO Box 17500 Pensacola, FL 32522

        1. Countertop Blanket Warmers:

        2. Blankets.
        3. Basketballs/sports balls.
        4. Sensory toys.


BEmpowered, Inc.

Organization Name: BEmpowered, Inc.

Contact Name: Tangee Coleman

Office Phone Number: 850.429.0766

Cell Phone: 850.530.0814


Address: 4200 Crawford Dr. Pensacola, FL 32504

        1. Construction Support-Drywall, paint, child safe electrical outlets, flooring, windows, doors, toilets, sinks, cabinets, and light fixtures. 

        2. Facility Support-Monthly expenses such as rent, utilities, wi-fi, and insurance. 
        3. Classroom Support-Classroom basics: tables, chairs, bulletin boards, school supplies, washer and dryer, etc. 
        4. Faculty Support-Microwave, fridge, conference table, stove, chairs, couch, books, massage chair, and bookshelves.

        5. Team Support-Volunteers to fill needs as arise such as cleaning, painting, office help, etc. (in-kind donations). 
        6. Play Area Support-Outdoor playground equipment, fencing, sandbox, rubber mulching, water station, picnic tables, and canopy cover. 
        7. Skills and Talents Support-Volunteers, professional development training services, and gift cards for appreciation.
        8. Maintenance Support-Cleaning supplies, contracted janitorial service, contracted grounds care, hand sanitizing stations, security cameras, brightwheel communication system.
        9. Technology Support: Computers for staff and students, printers, copiers, QuickBooks software, Microsoft Office, Smart Boards, TV's Intercom system, speaker system, microphone. 
        10. And if you like to shop, here is our Amazon Wishlist Link:

Bright Bridge Ministries

Organization Name: Bright Bridge Ministries

Contact Name: Cheryl Hinnen

Office Phone Number: 205.532.0494


Address: 2600 W Strong St. Pensacola, FL 32505

        1. Keyless entry for shelter doors: $53,412.71. 

        2. Closed Circuit TV Monitoring System: $28,708.97.
        3. Wall mount breathalyzer: $3,844.50.
        4. Impact rated windows for first floor of shelter: $13,876.94.

        5. Industrial dryers.

        6. Riding lawn mower 
        7. Walmart gift cards for shelter residents to. purchase items such as clothing, uniforms, etc.
        8. Gas cards for shelter residents' transportation to job interviews, work and medical appointments.
        9. Mattress encasements.
        10. 3 drawer dressers.

Additional Comments: Our shelter sleeps over 40 men every night. Our goal is to help individuals move from crisis (homelessness) to stability. Your gifts will allow us to provide a safe shelter with supportive resources. Bright Bridge thanks you for your help!


Capstone Adaptive Learning and Therapy Centers, Inc.

Organization Name: Capstone Adaptive Learning and Therapy Centers, Inc.

Contact Name: Allie Bricker

Office Phone Number: 850.497.5771

Address: 2912 N E St. Pensacola, FL 32501

        1. HP desktop computers.

        2. Tickets to community events for our adult clients. (Wahoo's Games, Ice Flyers Games, Zoo, Aquarium, Dolphin Cruise, Christmas Lights, etc.

        3. Gift cards to restaurants and movie theaters for clients to go out to a dinner and movie together.

        4. Gift cards to Walmart to purchase fresh fruit and vegetables for our clients.

        5. 3 Carports for our group homes to allow the vans to be parked under to keep clients dry in the rain.

        6. Retractable awning for out TEC center for clients to enjoy the patio.

        7. 3 sets of a potion swing for each group home.

        8. Gift cards to Home Depot for supplies at our Milton Child Care Center.

        9. Local field trip packages for preschool aged children at Capstone Academy. (Mess Hall, Children's Museum, Pensacola Kids Place, Bounce house, etc.).

        10. Outdoor play toys for the 1-2 year old's at the Milton Child Care Center.


Children in Crisis, Inc.

Organization Name: Children in Crisis, Inc.

Contact Name: Joshua Rugby

Office Phone Number: 850.864.4242 

Address: 100 Luke's Way Ft. Walton Beach, FL 32547

        1. Dream Big: Wheels of Impact (1 Ford Explorer $43K) Transportation need for our children. 2023 Explorer XLT.

        2. Books: (Nonprofit Management Extended Reach $8,400 a year) 
        3. Big upgrade Item: 1 John Deere S 140 48-in 22-HP V-twin Gas Riding Lawn Mower $2,799.00.
        4. Everyday Items: (5 Roomba 694 Robot Vacuums $1,250) 
        5. Building Materials: (Lowe's gift cards $1,200) Various repairs and maintenance for foster homes. gift
        6. Gifts for Clients: (Christmas Gift cards for our children ($800) Christmas Gift cards needed from Walmart, Target, Restaurants, and Movie Theaters.
        7. Service related items: (Every day wishlist can be found on our website). Our greatest needs are laundry detergents, food for our pantry, and children's clothing.

Additional Notes or Information: Please visit our website for more information: Please watch our video for better understanding in what we do:

Covenant Care (Nonie's Place)

Organization Name: Covenant Care (Nonie's Place)

Contact Name: Christie Saffold

Office Phone Number: 850.328.4403 

Address: 1901 N. Palafox St. Pensacola, FL 32501

        1. Crayola Crayons.

        2. Uno Cards.

        3. Crayola Markers.

        4. Drawing Paper.

        5. Paper Towels.

        6. Lysol Spray.

        7. Bean Bag Chairs.

        8. Basketball Goal and Basketball.

        9. Countertop Ice Maker.

        10. Lysol Wipes.

Additional Notes or Information: Thank you!

Defenders of Freedom FL-Inc.

Organization Name: Defenders of Freedom FL-Inc.

Contact Name: Jamie Wells

Office Phone Number: 808.778.0862

Cell Phone Number: 808.778.0862


Address: 5445 Merlin Way Milton, FL 32583

        1. 3-5 Acres of land for future build out of Veteran Team Home (use as training center/gathering place/host functions for veterans and families).

        2. $25-$150 gift cards for needed items (Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Office Depot and Gas).
        3. 500-100 sq.ft. office space (daily operations/meetings/gatherings).
        4. Used vehicle truck (operational) transport veterans and equipment.
        5. $10-$15K (or In-Kind donations) for office build out (shed/tiny home style) for office meetings.
        6. Fundraisers (host an event to help raise funds for veteran programs funded by DOFFL).
        7. $5K (3-5) chrome books-Surface Pro X for Business-Platinum, Microsoft SA 1-wifi, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD.
        8. 415K-support/fund a Veteran's TBI treatment. ($15K can be split into $5K portions for a group to share).
        9. $15K-fund a Veteran & K9 team, ($15K can be split into $5K portions for a group).
        10. $1-$2K Assist with 2023-2024 marketing/swag for events, shows and conferences.

Additional Notes or Information: Defenders of Freedom FL (DOFFL) can always use quality volunteers, advisory attorney/accountant/board advisors/members to help advise and keep operating at the highest level. For the upcoming year, we could use help with counselors who specialize in (PTS related issues), especially if they conduct/include any outdoor/survival type counseling. We have a program we would like to incorporate with the right counselor. In-Kind donations and event sponsors/coordinators would be appreciated and welcomed. Collaboration vs Competition is the true way forward in helping the most veterans possible.

Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge, Inc.

Organization Name: Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge, Inc.

Contact Name: Pascal Robin

Office Phone Number: 850.684.1485

Cell phone Number: 337.298.2741


Address: 3051 Colophons Circle Navarre, FL 32566

  1. Education outreach vehicle-2017 or newer small SUV, so that our staff does not have to drive their own cars with animal ambassadors inside.

  2. Fleece blankets, kiddie pools, towels, laundry detergent, antibacterial hand soap.
  3. Large plastic totes with snapping lids for animal rescue bins, brooms, sand flea rakes, bug spray and sand.
  4. Rechargeable battery set for scales and walkie talkie batteries, large entry way rugs.
  5. Classroom style rug for summer campers/field trips kids to sit on.
  6. Touch free hand sanitizer stations for guests: Luxton-Home Automatic Sanitizer Refillable-Amazon.
  7. Plexiglass bubbles that could be added to certain ambassador's habitats-BobbyPet-Dog-Fence Window-Amazon.
  8. Medium and large totes with snap top lids for education outreach events-Amazon.
  9. VOLUNTEERS!!!! Handyman with a few hours to donate a week or month to help with building new habitats or displays at the refuge.

Additional Comments: NEW need Board members-an architect, or CAD designers, CPA or banker, diverse community leaders that want to become more involved with the environmental impact of our community.

Extra Mile Club Str8 Up

Organization Name: Extra Mile Club Str8 Up

Contact Name: Evelyn Deterville

Office Phone Number: 850.202.6061


Address: 2819 N Miller St. Pensacola, FL 32503

  1. Gift cards to various fast food and coffee shops for clients.

  2. 20 volunteers to help with first Autumn Fest weekend October 27&28.
  3. 10 stand-alone punching bags for Rage Room various sizes at Walmart.
  4. Ruth boxing gloves for the punching bags.
  5. Gift cards for adult volunteers 10 of them.
  6. 15 passenger travel van for trips.
  7. Year paid of liability insurance @$80 a month Hiscox, Inc.
  8. Sponsor 4 mobile food trucks @$750 each by FTGC.
  9. Emergency fund of $5,000 to cover gas and supplies for 2023.
  10. Continued prayer for the work we have done non-funded for 10 years.

Additional Comments: $DrStinkinThinin cashapp.

Friends of Pensacola State Parks, Inc.

Organization Name: Friends of Pensacola State Parks, Inc.

Contact Name: Vicky Haney

Office Phone Number: 850.492.1595

Cell Phone Number: 412.558.9282

Address: 12301 Gulf Beach Highway, Pensacola, FL 32507

  1. Golf Cart for park volunteers to travel around the park to do chores around the park. Prefer electric with flatbed instead of rear seats. (Eat. $12K-$42K).

  2. Additional FOPSP board members to help in decision making and ongoing administration tasks (1st. 5-15hrs/wk).
  3. Communications chairperson to handle social media, FOPSP communications and marketing. (Est. 5-15hrs/wk).
  4. Pothole patch for the campground and parking lots. Asking for 1 pallet per year for 5 years (Est. $800 per pallet, total $3,750).
  5. $5,000 to cover several year's fees for communications applications (like Constant Comment and Wild Apricot).
  6. Liability and D&O Insurance coverage for board members. About $750 per year. Requesting 5 years or $3,625 for all 5 years.
  7. Kiosk type sign with changeable lettering that will be used to inform the community of upcoming as well as ongoing events in Big Lagoon, Tarklin Bayou, and Perdido Key Parks. It will be located along the outside fence beside Gulf Beach Highway where it can be clearly seen by passing motorists. (Est. $7,000).
  8. Landscaping tools like Machetes, Rakes, Trimmers. To be used by the park rangers to maintain park environment.
  9. New storage shed (approximately 8x12) for the Friends of Pensacola State Parks. Old one is leaking after surviving multiple hurricanes. Items stored in the shed are often water damaged or mildewed. We only have a small portion of the shed that is usable. Costs includes leveling and rebuilding the foundation. (Est. $4,000).
  10. Re-Build a bridge over culvert on walking path in the park. The old bridge was destroyed in Hurricane Sally. Hikers are endangering themselves by building makeshift bridges with boards or logs found in the park. Park Rangers will provide the labor. (Est. materials: $10K).

General Daniel Chappie James, Jr. Memorial Foundation, Inc.

Organization Name: General Daniel Chappie James, Jr. Memorial Foundation, Inc.

Contact Name: Lee Hansen

Office Phone Number: 703.328.3619

Cell phone: 703.328.3619

Address: 223 W. Lloyd St. Pensacola, FL 32501

  1. Marketing assistance.

  2. Event planning services for the grand opening ceremony.
  3. Printing of fundraising materials.
  4. Awards for major donors.

Health and Hope Clinic, Inc.

Organization Name: Health and Hope Clinic, Inc.

Contact Name: Sally Bergosh

Office Phone Number: 850.479.4456

Cell phone: 850.748.4456


Address: 1718 E. Olive Rd. Pensacola, FL 32526

  1. VOLUNTEERS (Medical & Non-Medical).

  2. Home Depot/Lowes gift cards for construction addition to the clinic.
  3. Gift cards for restaurants/local businesses for the annual Christmas Gala (Fundraiser).
  4. Hygiene items for patients.
  5. Laptops for medical assistants to better assist patients/check-in.
  6. Sharpies.
  7. Sticky notes!!!
  8. Copy Paper.
  9. Envelopes (without windows) all sizes.
  10. Pencils & sharpeners.

Additional Comments: Coffee/plastic utensils/paper plates (large and small) for feeding our volunteers.

Hope Above Fear

Organization Name: Hope Above Fear

Contact Name: Stephanie Shepard

Office Phone Number: 480.251.5157

Cell phone: 480.251.51577

Address: 47 N. Stillman St. Pensacola, FL 32505

  1. Board Members with diverse backgrounds.

  2. Accountant services and/or QuickBooks.

  3. One year of business insurance.

  4. Gift Cards-most used is Amazon.

  5. A BUILDING (to rent or own)-A location we can call our own. As long as it has good electrical and plumbing, we have the ability to fix up the rest. 

  6. Counselors willing to donate sessions to teens and/or parents (specialty in substance abuse and/or trauma).
  7. Awareness and Fundraising Event Sponsors.
  8. Sponsors to fund at risk youth to participate in extracurricular activities such as Art classes, cooking classes, Yoga, and Skateboarding lessons. 
  9. Membership to the Chamber.
  10. Printing Services-FedEx or Evergreen.


Organization Name: KEYGULLS CORP

Contact Name: Cheri Bone

Office Phone Number: 850-293-0505

Address: 13556 Perdido Key Dr. Pensacola, FL 32507

      1. Optimal Running Notebook/Laptop.

      2. Funds for Marketing-T-shirts, stickers, poster prints and presentation folders and business cards printing.

      3. Volunteers: Safety Walkers during Mardi Gras parades & Kayak handlers & parking guiders at the Perdido Key Witches & Werewolves Halloween Paddle Ride.

      4. We are always open to receive gift cards from local businesses to award our costume contest winner recipients at the Perdido Key Witches & Werewolves Halloween Paddle.

      5. Building Materials to renovate our new used floats. A badly needed T-top center console boat looking float bought from Krew De Yaya's. Need repair in rotted wood & paint job...possible tires. 

      6. WISH LIST-10 kayaks and/or paddle boards & a trailer to carry, PA music system for Mardi Gras Float, 700w Generator, Storage for 2 Mardi Gras floats and kayaks trailer.
      7. Committee members for our dream program of KEYGULLS: Recession Relief Fund: Rental Assistance exclusively funded by our NPO and Annual Programs into the Perdido Key Greater Area.

Lakeview Center, Inc.

Organization Name: Lakeview Center, Inc.
Contact Name: Kelsi Gulag
Office Phone Number:  850.503.8164
Address: 1221 W. Lakeview Ave. Pensacola, FL 32501
      1. Adult board games (Pictionary, Trivial Pursuit, card games, Taboo, Scrabble). Blank Slate.
      2. Adult coloring books, gel pins, and coloring pencils.
      3. Indoor basketball game for men's unit:
      4. Indoor basketball game for women's unit:
      5. Bookshelf for men's unit:
      6. Bookshelf for women's unit:
      7. Treadmill for men's unit:
      8. Treadmill for women's unit:
      9. Sketchbooks:
      10. Paint sets:

Additional Comments: Clients will have time to utilize exercise equipment every night and on weekends, with staff managing time slots, giving everyone the opportunity to access the equipment. The goal is to help clients learn the benefits of fitness in sustaining a substance-free lifestyle. The art supplies and board games provide clients with positive activities during treatment.


Lifehorse at Grand Review Farm

Organization Name: Lifehorse at Grand Review Farm
Contact Name: Stacy Waterous
Office Phone Number:  586.255.3479
Cell Phone Number: 850.290.2245
Address: 1911 Mathison
Cantonment, FL 32533
      1. Horse Trailer (3 horse).
      2. 2500 Pick-Up Truck.
      3. Pasture Fencing.
      4. Liability Insurance Coverage ($3,600/year).
      5. Show clothes for students (all sizes).
      6. Seating for Arenas.
      7. Wheelchair ramp for mounting.
      8. Financial Donations of all kinds.
      9. $1.5 million (to purchase facility).
      10. Board Members (who want to be active).

Majella House, Inc.

Organization Name: Majella House, Inc.
Contact Name: Suzanne McNinch
Office Phone Number:  850.816.0616
Cell Phone Number: 850.303.1366
Address: 5568 Woodbine Rd. Pace, FL 32561
      1. Hzlagm swivel rocker recliner chairs, manual rocking recliner chair with tech leather, overstuffed single sofa, recliner chair for living room and for any small spaces.
      2. $25 Lyft gift cards:
      3. Lowe's Gift Cards:
      4. Homeeasy folding bed with mattress:
      5. Caraway nonstick ceramic bakeware set (11 pieces)-baking sheets, assorted baking pans, cooling rack & storage-aluminized steel body-non toxic, PTFE&PFOA Free-creamcaraway nonstick ceramic bakeware set (11 pieces):
      6. Black & Decker 7-quart digital slow cooker with chalkboard surface, slate, SCD4007 black+decker 7-quart digital slow cooker:
      7. YlHONG 7-piece mixing bowls with lids for kitchen, stainless steel, ideal for baking, prepping, cooking and serving food, nesting metal bowls for space saving storage YlHONG 7 piece bowls with lids for kitchen:
      8. Luxury with bath towel set:
      9. Rubbermaid brilliance bpa free food storage containers with lids, airtight, for lunch, meal prep, and leftovers, set of 22 Rubbermaid brilliance bpa free food storage containers with lids:
      10. HYPIGO 109 inches white double computer desk, extra-long two-person desk workstation with storage shelves & monitor stand, large office desk study. Writing table for home office HYPIGO 109 inches white double computer desk:

Additional Comments: For a complete list of possible items to be donated from our wish list, please see our Amazon Registry at:


Make-A-Wish Central and Northern Florida

Organization Name: Make-A-Wish-Central and Northern Florida
Contact Name: Kathleen Hampton
Office Phone Number:  407.622.4673
Cell Phone Number: 850.491.4706
Address: P.O. Box 14211 Tallahassee, FL 32317
          1. Target or Amazon gift cards to be used for "Wish Boost" enhancements as a wish children wait for their wish to be granted. These gifts are given during the Wish Discovery Phase to help break the ice with the child, while they are waiting for their wish to be granted, and during their wish send off party.
          2. Restaurant gift cards to be used for Wish Reveal or Send Off parties. Local or national chain restaurants are great to help increase the anticipation for the child before their wish is granted.
          3. Wish Discovery volunteers. These local volunteers meet with wish kids to "discover" their one true wish and communicate it back to the Make-A-Wish staff.
          4. Wish Granting volunteers. These local volunteers help execute a wish for a local child-it could be planning a sendoff party, helping with a room redecoration, or even delivering a puppy for a puppy wish!
          5. Advisory Board Member volunteers. These dedicated and well-connected volunteers will sit on our Northwest Region Advisory Board and help lead our organization in the Panhandle Region. They will work closely with staff members and the full Board of Directors.

My Father's Arrow, Inc.

Organization Name: My Father's Arrow, Inc.
Contact Name: Sarah Ellis
Office Phone Number:  850.675.4403
Cell Phone Number: 850.490.1691
Address: 4025 County Rd. 178 Jay, FL 32565
          1. Housekeeping items: brooms, mops, vacuums.
          2. Paper Products: Copy paper, paper towels, paper plates and toilet paper.
          3. Inflatable canoes for therapeutic deep pressure:
          4. Equalizer-
          5. Door prizes for fundraisers (gift cards, certificates, and items).
          6. 5 replacement windows for dining hall.
          7. Therapeutic workbooks-
          8. Tractor with 4wd for therapeutic equine program.
          9. Golf cart for moving people/supplies on property.
          10. Garden tools/seeds.

Additional Comments: Thank you for considering us!

New World Believers

Organization Name: New World Believers
Contact Name: Rodney Jones
Office Phone Number:  850.293.2756
Cell Phone Number: 850.293.2766
Address: 2112 West Yonge St. Pensacola, FL 32505
          1. 15 passenger vans.
          2. Video equipment.
          3. Automatic 360 Photo Booth.
          4. Photograph equipment cameras and lighting kit.
          5. Betel video cameras x2.
          6. President us full studio bundle.

Northwest Florida Community Outreach, Inc.

Organization Name: Northwest Florida Community Outreach, Inc.
Contact Name: Christeia Hawkins

Office phone: 850.505.9673

Address: 691 A Broad St. Pensacola, FL 32534

        1. Color copier/multi-print printer with ink refills.
        2. Replace and/or widen damaged doors.
        3. Ramp and installation.
        4. Repair of box truck floor.
        5. Rent assistance-$3,000 monthly.
        6. Office Depot gift cards.
        7. Fuel gift cards for NWFCO and client use.
        8. Walmart gift cards for discretionary use for NWFCO and clients.
        9. Lift gate and installation for box truck.
        10. Fundraiser organization and facilitation.

Additional Comments: Thank you for this opportunity. All of our services are free, but it cost money for day to day operations. Yearly or monthly sponsorships/donations to general operating funds would be greatly appreciated. For example: someone could cover the FPL bill for the month or the ECUA bill for 3 months.


Ocean Hour, Inc.

Organization Name: Ocean Hour, Inc.
Contact Name: Barbara Mozur

Cell Phone Number: 571.278.0142

Address: 1161 Crane Cove Blvd. Gulf Breeze, FL 32563

        1. Ace Hardware Steel Grip 36" Pick-Up Tool Item #2301190.
        2. Boxes of 13 gallon and 30 gallon bags for trash collection.
        3. Nitrile coated work gloves-Home Depot Firm Grip five pack.


Pace Band Boosters, Inc.

Organization Name: Pace Band Boosters, Inc.
Contact Name: Emmy VandenLangenberg

Office Phone Number: 850.776.1532

Cell Phone Number: 850.776.1532

Address: 4065 Norris Rd. Pace, FL 32571

        1. Pearl percussion marching battery instruments: bass, snares, and tenor-$40,000.
        2. Drum major stand-Jarvis model 15 podium=$4,250.
        3. John Deere TX 4X2 utility vehicle=$10,349.
        4. Bleacher padding to protect uniforms and instruments=$7,500.
        5. 15 passenger van=$41,000.
        6. Directors tower for practice field=$65,000.
        7. Backyard pro Ipf60 60" commercial outdoor grills x2 @ $1,800 each.
        8. 26' box truck (non-CDL) with lift gate=$80,000.
        9. King marching contra tuba 8 @ $11,000 each.
        10. King marching euphoniums and mellophones 20 @ $6,000 each.

Additional Comments: Many of our wish list items have been on a replacement list for about 5 years. We do also have operational costs for our winter programs (indoor percussion and color guard) that run about $80K for logistics and housing. We have multiple business sponsorship opportunities as well for operational expenses (such as props, security services at football games and competitions, football field and gymnasium repair).


PenArts, Inc.

Organization Name: PenArts, Inc.
Contact Name: Christine Kellogg

Phone Number: 850. 857.8961

Address: 306 N DeVilliers St. Pensacola FL 32507

      1. Portable stage that we can use for performances in the community as well as at the Gordon-8 4x4 portable units.
      2. Storage shed for props, costumes, and set.
      3. 50 chair cushions with PenArts logo for some audience members who might need them.
      4. A large black file cabinet for the office.
      5. Any gifts or gift cards for our December Youth Artist of the Month Silent Auction.          
      6. Gift cards or items for raffles/silent auctions.

Additional Comments: Thank you for trying to help us. We appreciate it!                                                                    


Santa Rosa Kids' House

Organization Name: Santa Rosa Kids' House
Contact Name: Keith Ann Campbell

Phone Number: 850. 623.1112

Cell Phone Number: 850.623.1112

Address: 5643 Stewart St. Milton, FL 32570

        1. EMDR tool kit.
        2. Infinity Game Table.
        3. 80 inch TV for Lobby.
        4. IPad Pro for medical exam.
        5. Fast Food gift cards for clients.
        6. Sporting good gift cards for auction items. 
        7. Outdoor Security Camera for playground area.
        8. Landscaping shrubs and flowers.
        9. Portable speaker and microphone for presentation at schools.

Set Free Refuge, Inc.

Organization Name: Set Free Refuge, Inc.
Contact Name: Mary Anne Everett

Phone Number: 850.463.5191

Address: 8418 E. Bay Blvd. Navarre, FL 32566

        1. Offie printer:
        2. Sound: machines-
        3. Meditation: Pillow-
        4. Ink for the potential new printer.
        5. Pop-up canopy/tent for outreach events.
        6. Star projection: lamp-
        7. Projector and screen-
        8. Gift cards for gift baskets.
        9. Sensory bubble: tube-

Additional Comments: Amazon Wishlist.

Sisters Anointed to Lead Together, Inc.

Organization Name: Sisters Anointed to Lead Together, Inc.
Contact Name: Syntoria Spencer

Phone Number: 850. 346.6682

Cell Phone Number: 850.346.9367

Address: 9968 Boxedler Blvd. Pensacola, FL 32523

        1. Gift cards to use as incentives or for celebration of accomplishments.
        2. Admission tickets for 30 individuals for special afternoon enrichment activities (i.e., Pensacola Bay Cruise, T.T. Wentworth Museum).
        3. Catering Services for 50 persons for End-of-Year Closeout June 2024.
        4.  Catering Services for 200 persons for Spring Break Gala March 2024.
        5. Individuals with finance background to teach finance literacy for teens/youths.
        6. Sponsors for 25 persons to attend a Pensacola Blue Wahoo Game.
        7. Volunteer Board of Directors member/history of service to a youth servicing organization.
        8. Volunteer Board of Directors members (Treasuer and Secretary).
        9. 20-passenger van to transport mentees to/from meetings.
        10. Building to accommodate 50 persons for weekly meeting.


Spirit Stables Horse Healing, Inc.

Organization Name: Spirit Stables Horse Healing, Inc.

Contact Name: Nancy Hart

Office Phone Number: 850.830.0176

Cell phone: 850.393.0160

Address: 9886 Jeno Rodą Milton,FL 32583

  1. Upgrade our lights to LED in stalls, common area, and arena. We need a total of (12) 100 watt LED lights for the stalls and common area, and (5) 4000 watt LED lights for the arena.

  2. We can use arts supplies for our events and school programs. This included copy paper, drawing pads,, crayons, markers, and construction paper. Any amount is appreciated.
  3. We need items for our silent auctions that we have 2-3 times per year. This can include gift certificates or any appropriate items. Smaller items are sometimes combined to make baskets.
  4. We host a Christmas on the Farm for underprivileged children in the Pensacola area to be held on December 17, 2023. We allow them to pick a gift from our store for their family. We need small items such as jewelry, small flashlights, caps, etc. We also provide as many coats, hats and gloves to these children as we collect, ages 4-12.
  5. We can use building materials especially wooden posts and boards to maintain our fences and build needed areas for the clients and horses. Hardware gifts certificates are always appreciated.
  6. Our greatest need is a building for our clients to use for therapy and events. We need this building to be at least 16x16 feet. Donations to our building fund are grateful for any we get.
  7. We need stall mats for our stalls and walkways. We need a total of 30, but any will be gratefully accepted.
  8. Sponsor a Horse: You or your business can sponsor a horse at the Bronze horseshoe level, $50 per month or a one-time donation of $550; Silver horseshoe level, $75 per month or a one-time donation of $850, or the Gold horseshoe level of $100 per month or a one-time donation of $1,100. You will receive a framed picture of your horse, as well as information on the horse and the horse's role in helping with therapy and our community. You can display this picture in your business or home.
  9. Electrical work: We need electricity run to ne of our barns and an out-building.
  10. We need donations of feed and hay for our horses. a bag of feed is $30 and a round bale of hay is $80. We use about 20 bags of feed monthly and 8 round bales per month during the winter months.

Additional Comments: Please call or visit Spirit Stables located at 9886 Reno Rd. Milton, FL or contact Nancy Hart, Director at 850.830.0176 or Beverly Seem, Board Chairperson at 850.217.2215. Thank you for helping to make our community a better place through equine therapy.

The Centre For Excellence of Pensacola

Organization Name: The Centre for Excellence of Pensacola
Contact Name: Kathleen Barker

Phone Number: 850. 332.7671

Cell Phone Number: 850.346.5195

Address: 6347 W. Fairfield Dr. Pensacola, FL 32506

          1. We are in desperate need of a walkway covering from our main building to our second building, so that clients do not get soaking wet when it rains. Home Depot and Lowes gift cards would be extremely helpful in completing this wish as the project has been quoted at $24,000.
          2. Our main space utilized for practical skills classes, meetings, and food outreach is in need of new subflooring, labor volunteers, etc. All welcomed for this project.
          3. Vehicle is needed to pick up food deliveries, looking for a pick-up truck or utility van with full tow package, ability to pull a trailer and 5k lbs.
          4. (3) 10th generation iPAD; 256GB: wifi compatible; engraving: CFEP; color does not matter.
          5. (1) iPHONE 14 plus; black; 512GB; we utilize our iPHONE for all our filming need, from social media reels to our Impact reels on YouTube Channel, weekly live programming from the Centre's Director, and coverage of all our fundraising events around town.
          6. Walmart gift cards and Amazon gift cards in any value of $25 to $100+ are always useful. We use these to purchase gas for our vehicles, when we pick up food for our food pantry, as well as helping buy cleaning supplies, daily operational items, supplies for our practical skills classes and more.
          7. Purses for our annual Purse Bingo. Purses must be name brands (Michael Khors, Kate Spade, Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren, Brahmin, etc.), and must have a retail value of over $100. Tickets to the Purse Bingo are sold as fundraiser for Jamie's Mom's House, one of the Centre's programs and services, and are raffled off bingo style online every day in the month of June.
          8. Volunteers are always in need for our monthly foods distribution days, our weekly food pantry, and our practical skills courses. If you are in finance, real estate, mechanic, painting, handyman, business owner, teacher, or in any management hiring position, etc. and you would like to volunteer to be an expert guest speaker at one of our 20 practical skills classes, we would love for you to join us! Go to our website,
          9. to volunteer today.
          10. Banana and apple boxes are always needed to pack food in for our patrons. Boxes can be dropped off at the Centre during any of our hours of operations and are truly a blessing!
          11. Restaurant gift cards of $25-$50 are utilized to supply widows on fixed incomes a night out. These gift cards are a part of our Adopt a Block Christmas blessing program each year and were a huge surprise to recipients last year. Gift cards to anywhere in the Pensacola area are much appreciated.


The Honor H.E.R. Foundation, Inc.

Organization Name: The Honor H.E.R. Foundation, Inc.
Contact Name: Barbara Francis

Phone Number: 850. 444.8527

Cell Phone Number: 850.824.0644

Address: 6150 W. Fairfield Dr. Pensacola, FL 32506

        1. 3-new or gently used HVAC Systems.
        2. 4-32"-43" Smart TV's for our single occupancy rooms.
        3. 4-43"-55" Smart TV's for our double occupancy rooms.
        4. 8- wall mounts for Smart TV's.
        5. 20-twin xl beds in a bag comforter sets.
        6. 10-new or gently used twin beds w/mattress and box springs.
        7. 10-new or gently used chest of drawers.
        8. New or gently used sectional sofa or sofa sets.
        9. Gift cards to local grocery stores or big box stores to purchase perishable and nonperishable food items.

Additional Comments: The Honor H.E.R. Foundation is committed to providing housing for our homeless female veterans. With our continued support, we can make a real difference in their lives.


The Pensacola State College Foundation, Inc.

Organization Name: The Pensacola State College Foundation, Inc.
Contact Name: Andrea Krieger

Phone Number: 850. 484.1477

Cell Phone Number: 850.232.2244

Address: 1000 College Blvd. Pensacola, FL 32504

        1. Dell Latitude 5520 I52 Loaner Laptops for nonprofits enrolled in certification programs.
        2. Monetary Donations/Sponsorships for nonprofit scholarships: to cover certification, training, and/or membership costs.
        3. Gift cards to use as incentives and celebrations for nonprofits.
        4. Leadership books and those covering nonprofit business practices (subject: nonprofit management, digital marketing, fundraising, financing, Human Resources, and board governance.
        5. Amazon and Sam's Club gift cards for supplies.
        6. Individually wrapped snacks for training and networking sessions for nonprofits attending the PSC Nonprofit Center.
        7. Small and regular-sized legal pads for note taking during training.
        8. Disposable plates, cups, napkins, utensils.
        9. Volunteers to match to nonprofits as mentors or board members; and/or to serve on a PSC Nonprofit Center Accreditation Review Panel.
        10. Monetary donations to purchase training supplies and portfolios for certification attendees.

Additional Comments: Thank you for this opportunity to share a wish list to meet needs for local nonprofits. We appreciate all you do for our community!


Umbrella Learning Academy Corporation, Inc.

Organization Name: Umbrella Learning Academy Corporation, Inc.
Contact Name: Carnley Proud

Phone Number: 850. 361.3277

Cell Phone Number: 850.554.1159 

Address: 4081 East Olive Rd. Pensacola, FL 32514

        1. Advertising and Logo Items-shirts, banners, stickers, chairs, easy-up tents, etc...
        2. Signage for Building and Exterior Sign.
        3. Office, School, and Art Supplies-copy paper, pens, pencils, crayons, markers, paint, brushes, backpacks, etc...
        4. Fencing around outdoor play areas and rugs for indoor play areas.
        5. Admission tickets to local events, museums, enrichment activities. 
        6. Shelving and books for Library (Pre-K-12 age groups).
        7. Prizes for School Economy Store.
        8. Gift, grocery, and gas cards, as well as clothing, shoes, and hygiene items for students and families in need.
        9. Fans for classrooms and offices.
        10. Printer, Laminator, and copy machines for teacher use.


Valerie's House, Inc.

Organization Name: Valerie's House, Inc.
Contact Name: Crista Brandt

Phone Number: 850. 582.8255

Cell Phone Number: 850.266.0795 

Address: 904 E Gadsden St. Pensacola, FL 32501

        1. Uber gift cards for families who don't have transportation to and from group and family fun events.
        2. Valerie's House serves dinner every group night. Sponsor a dinner Valerie's House. 
        3. Amazon gift cards for group night supplies and house supplies.
        4. In need of outside furniture and playground equipment (Please contact us).
        5. Sponsor a child for 1 year $1,800 donation.
        6. Sponsor a child for 1/2 year $900 donation.
        7. Sponsor a child for a month $150 donation.
        8. Volunteers for group night and family fun day activities. 
        9. Regular lawn care service.
        10. Sponsor a family fun (examples: bowling night, mini golf night, etc.).

View and make a donation to Valerie's House Pensacola:  AMAZON WISH LIST

Waterfront Rescue Mission

Organization Name: Waterfront Rescue Mission
Contact Name: Lexi Osborn

Phone Number: 850. 542.4503

Cell Phone Number: 850.549.6141

Address: 350 W. Herman St. Pensacola, FL 32505

        1. Two 15-passenger vans.
        2. New washer and dryer for transitional house.
        3. Electric can opener for transitional house.
        4. Dust mop for transitional house.
        5. Mop bucket for transitional house.
        6. Shop vac for transitional house.
        7. Silverware/cutlery (especially spoons and forks of different sizes).
        8. Men's underwear (all sizes).
        9. Class supplies (notebooks, pens, copy paper, highlighters).
        10. Batteries (AA and AAA).

Additional Comments: Thank you for your support of Waterfront Rescue Mission.

West Florida Railroad Museum, Inc.

Organization Name: West Florida Railroad Museum, Inc.
Contact Name: Peggy Humbert

Phone Number: 352.275.7745

Address: 5003 Henry St. Milton, FL 32570

        1. iPAD to use for POS system.
        2. TV for showing videos of history in the area.
        3. Chairs to use for viewing videos.
        4. Case to protect operational train bridge display.
        5. Movable divider walls to use for displays
        6. Concrete walkway near freight house for wheelchairs & strollers.
        7. Paint flagpole.
        8. Upgraded freight house lighting.

YMCA of Northwest Florida

Organization Name: YMCA of Northwest Florida
Contact Name: Andrea Rosenbaum

Phone Number: 850. 438.4406

Cell Phone Number: 850.525.3455

Address: 165 E. Intendencia Pensacola, FL 32502

        1. Children's Books (ages 5-12).
        2. Board and card games (e.g., Trouble, Connect 4, Uno, Candyland, Phase 10).
        3. Sports equipment (especially all types of balls).
        4. Magnetic Play Tiles-Amazon: 125 PSC + 4 figures, magnetic tiles for kids, toys for 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 year old boys & girls. Magnetic tiles building set. Educational Construction STEM Toy.
        5. Moveable locking cabinets.
        6. Standing desk.
        7. Motorola walkie talkies-Amazon: T465 rechargeable two-way radio bundle (green).
        8. Battery powered swimming pace clock-on swim 31" Battery Powered Pace Clock.
        9. 10x20 heavy duty canopy-Amazon: Advance Outdoor adjustable 10x20 heavy duty carport car canopy garage boat shelter party tent, adjustable peak height. From 9.5ft to 11ft. white.
        10. Amazon or Target gift cards for staff prizes ($5, $10, and $20 denominations).