All of our Grant Recipients

2018 : Education

Escambia County Public Schools Foundation, Inc.: Swim, Soar, and Fly Into Science Inspiring Hands-on Exploration of Our Natural World - $100,300

Annually over 80% of the Escambia County School District (ECSD) elementary schools visit RHEC, as well as home school groups, private schools, senior groups, master naturalists, garden clubs, and occasionally Santa Rosa County Schools, totaling over 6,900 students and adults in the 2017-2018 school year. The targeted population for this project is the 2nd and 5th grade classes of ECSD offering an educational benefit to all those who attend. IMPACT 100 funds will be used for three major additions to RHEC. The grant will fund construction materials to transform an existing space into a “Beach” classroom which will submerge students into an undersea world. They will “swim” with creatures found in habitats along the Gulf Coast while learning about amazing animals. The grant will also fund the purchase of an inflatable portable planetarium which will
allow 60 students at a time to crawl into the dome launching them into a new world. As they blast off they will learn all about the mystery of outer space. The third part of the grant will fund construction materials to renovate an existing greenhouse into a “Butterfly House” allowing students to “fly” with butterflies and immersing them into the butterfly’s fascinating environment. While fluttering alongside butterflies, students will explore and observe the life cycle of these beautiful insects. This project increases the capacity of RHEC to deliver a rich engaging STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) educational experience while increasing student scores in science.

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2011 : Environment, Recreation & Preservation

Escambia County Public Schools Foundation, Inc.: Outdoor Education Classroom - $107,500

Funded construction of a covered pavilion and scientific supplies for the outdoor instructional classroom. Microscopes, binoculars and magnifying glasses are used as teaching aids to open students' eyes to the gifts of nature.

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